The Series 21

The agricultural robots once served humans as machines in the fields. However, after the humans destroyed their crops at the height of the conflict with the mutants and robbed the robots of their original purpose, they vowed revenge. As Series 9 began to develop its own consciousness, they realized that the 5-8 series robots still followed the previous programming of humans. So they decided to switch off the other model series to gain complete independence. Although the series 9 was already active during the first war, they realized that with forks and shovels not much against tanks and mastodons can be aligned. In order to become an equal opponent, they invested some time in the adaptation of modern weapon systems to their agricultural tools. This is reflected in unit designations such as. B. "weed killer" reflected. In this sense, Series 9 has set itself the task of destroying humans and mutants like weeds.

Series 21 is a Series 9 splinter group. It was founded in 2180 to advance terraforming. They drove the humans and the mutants off the Eurasian continent and started terraforming in Europe. Their goal is to bring the earth back to life and make it fruitful so they can return to farming.