The Evolved

The mutants (Evolved) are people who were at the surface of the nuclear war and therefore exposed to high levels of radioactivity. As a result, it came to mutations that led on the one hand to physical deformities, but also increased the resistance to external influences. Since the mutants in the wake of the nuclear disaster, the technological connection lost, they use relatively backward weapons. However, they have learned to harness the power of mutant animals such as giant scorpions and gigantic wasps to take advantage. The mutants organized in clan structures are fanatically religious and believe that they have been punished by their gods for their ignorance of nature and the abuse of technology (also known as "the scourge"). The survivors are deprecated by them as "symmetrists" because of their external normality and the series 9 as "soulless machines". Fearing an even worse visitation and to appease their gods, they do everything to free the earth from the plague of the people.

The Evolved were expelled from the Eurasian and American continents in 2182 and fled to Africa and Australia to reformat their forces.