Warrior Hall

Infantry units for Evolved are trained in these tents.

Beast Enclosure

In this Enclosure, the largest and most dangerous units are bred.


The blacksmith is used to manufacture new weapons and equipment after they have been researched

Alchemy Hall

In the alchemy hall people are working on technology with divine help.

Healing Tent

Here you can get their wounded beasts back. Always remember, beasts cost a lot of money and are worth healing


The Evolved Derrick pumps oil from existing oil holes. The oil is stored in egg tanks until the Bull Ant Tanker transports it to the Power Plant.

Big Egg

The Big Egg is constantly generating energy. Not very much but it is independent of oil. But you do not want to know what is in the egg.


The simplest defense tower of the Tvolved. Well suited against infantry and lightly armored vehicles.

The Worm

The worm is a medium-sized defense tower of the Evolved. As you can see, it is a mutant worm that also forms the basis of the crinoid.

Bazooka Battery

A construction carved out of stone to defend against flying units.

Touch of Death

A breath of death actually destroys everything very well. Especially armored units.


The crinoid is created when you cut "The Worm" into two parts. The head can continue to live independently and serves as an amphibious unit of the Evolved.