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KKND Krossfire World is a real-time strategy game under development. The base for this development is the good old RTS game "KKND2: Krossfire" from Beam Software.

The Vision

The vision is to develop a real-time strategy game that is unparalleled. A good old RTS game. An open world without borders and many secrets to be aired. A game that challenges the player and arouses his discoverer urge. 3 fracktions, a planet and a

secret deep beneath the earth that could save humanity. Anyone who has ever tried to reach the edge of the map to find out what is behind it understands what constitutes an explorer. Everyone of the community will realize that there is no reward for finding these actually unreachable places. I want to change that with you.

Everything in the world of KKND will have its meaning and be waiting to be discovered.

Road Map

The basic part is the reconstruction of the 2D sprites of the original in 3D models. Following is the game
design like maps, storyline, opponent AI and
gameplay. After the completion  gameplay

of the beta version, a kickstarter campaign will be launched. As the development progresses, an online multi-player, as well as numerous expansions such as weapons units or new terrain, are planned.


Here are a few impressions and concept drawings. These give a good impression how a 2D game can be converted to the new 3rd dimension.